The Bodner Family Foundation, managed by officers Naomi and David Bodner is dedicated to providing funding for special causes around the world. By providing funding, these individuals have given generously to causes that have helped save lives and developed new educational programs and initiatives.

As officers of the Bodner Family Foundation, Naomi and David Bodner seek out and look to partner with organizations that contribute to the welfare of individuals, families and organizations both in the United States and abroad. By developing new initiatives and focusing their humanitarian efforts on undeserved and often overlooked causes and populations, Naomi and David Bodner have been able to drastically increase living and educational conditions for individuals and families throughout the world.

In addition, the officers of the Bodner Family Foundation look to highlight the plight of important causes and persuade others to join them in giving generously and developing innovative solutions. The Bodner Family Foundation has provided funding for programs and institutions focused on poverty, education and healthcare.

The generosity exhibited by Naomi and David Bodner and the work of the Bodner Family Foundation has been recognized by many organizations and individuals both in the United States of America and around the world. For more information, or to contact Naomi and David Bodner, please use the website contact form.

The Bodner Family Foundation is headquartered in New York City.